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Project Theme: Additive Manufacturing / Sustainable Design

Period: 11.2021-01.2022

Project Type: Individual

E-waste recycling has become a hotly debated issue worldwide, and the associated reuse opportunities have been recognised as a huge challenge to human society. This project serves the sustainable design company TRASHAUS, which focuses on the development of waste materials, and discusses plastic-led ways to recycle electronics casing waste.

REVESSELS is a digitally programmed and modelled flower vessel. Based on the mix of recycled plastic pellets before they are reprocessed, this project creatively combines randomly coloured pellets with random numerical parameters to create a range of flexible and unique flowerware products. The creation of each product is serendipitous and unrepeatable. The combination of changeable physical colour and digital fabrication to create a new aesthetic concept. 

This product is currently available both online and offline.
IMG_4371 2.jpg
IMG_4372 2.jpg
IMG_4374 2.jpg
· Photographed by TRASHAUS
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