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Sweet Light

Project Theme: Handicraft Culture / Product Design

Period: 11.2018-12.2018

Project Type: Individual

In the hutongs under the shade of trees, stalls for buying sugar figurines are set up by the tiled walls, and the old man who blows the sugar figurine uses his nimble fingers to shape the bulging bubbles into various animal forms ------ Such memories exist in the childhood memories of almost all young people in northern China.

The project takes elements of the traditional sugar figurine making process and aids to create the 'candy lantern', which is a metaphor for the traditional craftsmanship of the candy figurine, from its shape and features to the way it is operated. This project attempts to connect traditional craft culture with contemporary scenes of everyday life by creating poetic connections between people and household products, attempting to reaffirm our relationship with our living environment and artefacts, starting with familiar national cultures.
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