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Weather Allowance

Project Theme: Energy Futures / Speculative Design

Period: 01.2022-06.2022

Project Type: Individual

The ambivalence attitude that has been adopted toward the energy challenge relating to the excessive electricity habits of some members of the public motivates this research. This project adopts a speculative view of building a future reality, inviting people into a narrative of extreme development: unsustainable energy sources have all but disappeared and wind and solar energy have replaced non-renewables as the dominant energy sources. Based on the inevitable "intermittency" and "uncertainty" that characterise both forms of energy production, a proposition relating to priority is proposed: unstable electricity production will be prioritised to ensure the proper functioning of public society. Meanwhile, the rhythm of private life will almost exclusively depend on changing weather conditions. 

Weather Allowances offer a welfare system that helps people survive and navigate such uncertain circumstances. It takes the right to freedom as the topic and the priority of subsistence as a contradiction to explore the ethical, cultural, and social impacts of energy futures. The project aims to use the public discourse as an entry point and a reflective tool to attract public attention and generate discussion on energy development.
Yu Duan_2022 MA Industrial Design_CSM_ UAL_Photograph_Fan Qu_Model_Yu Duan.jpg
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